‘Biggies Burger N More’ – Sinful delights in a perfect ambience

We, in Bhubaneswar, are yet to see popular burger chains like McDonald’s and Burger King. Though a few places serve this popular American food, not many do it like it is meant to be.

‘Biggies Burger N More’ is a joint that has opened outlets in quick succession at three places in the city. They claim to make ‘India’s first baked oil-free burgers’, which is good health-wise, but there’s still cheese and other sinful delights in it.

I visited their outlet near INOX at Saheed Nagar. The burgers, more than 20 varieties of them, are definitely one of the best in the town. They serve both grilled and fried ones. The double-decker burgers are sufficiently filling. The berry shake is perfect, the temperature right and not super chilled. The fries coated with chilly masala were an exciting twist to the usual cooking plot. The coffee, however, was mild and they do need to improve on that.

Prices are on the affordable side and smooth on your pocket.

Also, what feels good about the place is the decor, particularly the small French cafe style outdoor seating area, which makes it an ideal place to relax and chill out with friends in the evening when the weather is good.

The colourful retro metal chairs and wooden tables with faux grass extending to the interiors lend it a young-urbane look. The wall art and the peppy music clearly indicate who the target customers are, but the bright lights inside make it comfortable for families too.

At the outdoors, there are two tables while around 20 people can comfortably have their fill inside the outlet.

Location-wise, it is visible from BMC Bhawani Mall and the road adjacent to it has good parking space which is a saving grace in that area. This makes it convenient for people to grab a bite before or after movies at the INOX.

Apart from Saheed Nagar, Biggies Burger N More has outlets at Patia and Jagmohhan Nagar. They are open from 10 am to 10:30 pm and have home delivery option too.

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Cost for two: 400 INR
Score: 4/5

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. We paid for our burgers and more too

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