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Om Shanti, Panditji

The stage is echoingly silent The lights are all off today Empty chairs & undrawn curtains No more to see… Read More

18 hours ago

Sunday Poem: Forget Me Not

A year! From last new year to this Christmas, Five encounters and a few messages, Some cryptic, taciturn and some… Read More

2 days ago

Sunday Poem: Goodbye

Smitten by living Drowned in experience I was heedless Till a moment fraught Taught me the lesson of mortality Not… Read More

1 week ago

Sunday Poem: Lake Tahoe

Was it paradise? Heaven on earth? Bewildered by the magnificence of eternity counted on His creation of beauty mesmerized by… Read More

2 weeks ago

Sunday Poem: Glowworm

Glowworms flash In the remote spider webs Gathering an unknown emotion Waiting to be acknowledged. Quivering across the lanes They… Read More

4 weeks ago

Sunday Poem: Fire

Eternal Flame Symbol of Hope, Fearless cosmic force Dancing in the wind With increasing intensity Blazing in fury untold, Crackling,… Read More

1 month ago

Sunday Poem: A Key

Plopped out of your pocket Steely and shiny, a solitary key. With a chuckle and a sigh, Through the corner… Read More

1 month ago

Sunday Poem: Farewell My Friend

Farewell my friend Into the silent night Forever… Out of hearing Out of sight Beyond… Life leaves us all A… Read More

2 months ago

What’s (Not) In A Name?

That was college time. And a fantasy-laden, violence-ridden time it was. Please don’t get me wrong. The violence was not… Read More

2 months ago

Sunday Poem: The Immortal Song

When I close my eyes and think of you your song echoes in my ears though days have passed by… Read More

2 months ago