Finally, Salman Khan Talks About His Most Long Lasting Relationship

New Delhi: OTT’s big show, Bigg Boss 15 will premiere on October 2. Although many names have been doing the rounds, there has been no official confirmation about the final contestants as yet.

Host Salman Khan made an interesting revelation during a press conference held in Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh on Friday ahead of the show. Since he is shooting for ‘Tiger 3’ in Austria, the star attended the conference in a video call.

And what did he reveal?

The Bollywood actor joked that the longest relationship he has had in his life is Bigg Boss. Salman Khan became Bigg Boss 4’s host in 2010. He has been associated with the show for over a decade now.

In a video message shown to the media during the event, Salman Khan said, “My relationship with Bigg Boss is perhaps my only relationship that has lasted this long. Some relationships, what do I say. My relationship with Bigg Boss has brought a permanent factor in my life. Though sometimes for those four months, we don’t see eye to eye but when we are parting ways, we are desperate to reunite. The similarities between Bigg Boss and me are that we both are unmarried and that’s why we can consider ourselves Boss without any fear or interference.”

Talking about the show’s ‘jungle’ theme for this season, Salman Khan said, “This season makes me remember the song – Jungle Hai Aadhi Raat Hai. Not Sultan wala Dangal. Not Dangal wala Dangal, but it will be a different Dangal. 250 cameras will be looking out for every movement in the jungle and will note even a leaf moving. Bigg Boss 15 can be five months long this time. The facilities that contestants will get this time will be lesser than before. They will only get a tiny survival kit but will be scolded by Bigg Boss, punished, luxury budgets will be slashed.”

“I like the show. I get to learn a lot from the show. It tries my patience. Every time I lose my cool, I wish I hadn’t lost it. Then I try harder (to be patient). But the show’s format is such that something keeps happening and then I’ve to go and correct. So you get to not only learn a lot but also meet so many new people, know their personalities,” he added.

This year, the theme of Bigg Boss 15 is Jungle Mein Dangal. The show will see the contestants staying in a jungle and fighting for basic amenities before they enter the Bigg Boss house. The housemates will be divided into three teams, led by three ex-Bigg Boss contestants.


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