Looking For Top Tech Gifts Under ₹4000? Find Out The Options Here

Bhubaneswar: Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries… Do you wonder what to gift someone who loves technology? Here’s a list to make your life easier:

    1. Smart TV Sticks/Boxes
      Fire TV Stick is used to convert old TVs into smart TVs and lets you watch Netflix, Prime, YouTube and others on your big screen without investing in a smart TV. The basic version of the Fire TV Stick costs Rs 3,999. Alternatively, you can use buy the Mi Box 4K for Rs 3,499.
    2. Smart Speakers
      Everyone seems to love smart speakers. You can go for the basic Alexa Echo Dot 3 or Google Home Mini for under Rs 4K.
    3. Power Bank
      Running out of charge is a pain. Power banks are typically 10K-20K mAh batteries that let you recharge your phones and tablets wherever you are. Do look for ones with multiple USB-C and MicroUSB cables if you use older equipment. Also, if your phone supports, go for fast chargers. Alternatively, you can also gift a car charger to people on the move. Prices of these start around Rs 450.
    4. Security Camera
      You can get standalone security cameras that are plug-n-play. All you have to do is connect the camera to your WiFi router wirelessly and you can keep track of your business, home and other places remotely from your phone. Some of these cameras have motion detectors so that they activate only when someone enters your premises. Storage is generally small via SD cards but some have paid cloud storage as well. Night-vision is a must feature to have. Mi, TP-Link, D-Link are brands to look out for.
    5. Internet
      The most basic thing you can gift is a good internet connection. It can either be a 4G dongle from Jio or Airtel, or a high-speed broadband internet connection.
    6. Fitness Bands & Smart Watches
      Smartwatches and fitness bands help you count steps, track sleep pattern, heart rate, see notifications, answer calls and more. These are a great addition for people looking to stay fit. Starting prices range from Rs 1000 onwards. Mi, Honor, Timex, Noise, Samsung and a whole lot of lesser-known brands sell fitness bands.
    7. Wireless Headphones & Earphones
      With online classes and Zoom meetings becoming the norm, wireless earpieces are a great gift that can help people get rid of tangling wires. While proper headphones are best for long uses (online classes), loop-type earphones are best suited for exercising and earbuds are the trendiest things now. Popular brands include Mi, Philips, JBL, Sennheisser, Redmi, Boat.
    8. Writing Boards 
      Writing boards are LCD displays on which you can jot down things to do or go wild with your creativity.

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