Michelin Introduces Airless Tyres

Paris: Tyremaker Michelin has showcased another improved version of its airless tyres touted to be a better alternative to pneumatic tyres.

Call Uptis, the French tyremaker, had developed this car-centric airless tyre first back in 2019, in collaboration with General Motors. Further back, in 2006, the company had developed another airless tyre, the Tweel, that is available for select non-road applications.

This time the tyres were fitted onto a MINI electric car at IAA. Michelin also let the public take the car for a spin.

The company claims that it is more durable and less prone to mishaps as it is evidently puncture-proof. Another advantage is that it will prevent 200 million tyres from reaching the landfill every year because of early blowouts.

The internal spokes are reportedly tweakable to adjust performance, grip, braking and other parameters. The tyres are believed to have a “dramatically” longer life.

Also, the new tyre is made of 46 per cent sustainable materials.

It is expected to hit the market by 2024.


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