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Small Dreams

I said our village is better
You said my eyes are small,
I am a small village girl
My dreams are small.

I said adorn my hair with a ring of mogra flowers
You said my expectations are small.
You bet on your own
You will buy a gold necklace for my neck
The coming Raja and
Silver bracelets for my ankles.

I said let’s go to the mango orchard
Under moonlight
Share our breathing,
You said my aspirations are small.
There, the moonlight is mortified
Glittering electric lights
Skyscrapers beyond sight,
Speed of vehicles faster than breathing.

I said before monsoon
Mend the roof
You said what I ask is small.
Forget about that wretched house
As you see, very soon
There will rise a two-floor concrete house,
No fear of rain, wind or storm.

Today, in this full-moon night
Everything is clear and transparent,
Restless mind, body exhausted;
I called ‘come back’.
From some unknown migrant labourers’ camp
You said,
I am a small village girl
My faith is small,
“Leave this Raja
There will be
A gold necklace around your neck
Ornamental bangles on your arms
Silver bracelet around your ankles
In the next Raja”
*Raja is a popular festival in Odisha, celebrated especially by young girls.

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  • Bharadwaj Mishra

    Nice piece..