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After Calling It War, Dutee Chand Accepts Papu Pom Pom’s Apology

Bhubaneswar: Known for his penchant for staying in news and inviting controversies, actor-comedian Papu Pom Pom has apologised to ace sprinter Dutee Chand for his controversial remarks on her personal life.

Dutee had posted a video on social media denouncing the ‘misogynistic’ poster of the actor’s upcoming movie ‘Mr Kenheiya’, which had led to a public outcry. She had said that it was disrespectful towards women and depicted them as slaves to men.

While issuing a statement on the controversy and dissociating himself from it, Papu made snide remarks on Dutee’s sexual preference and accused her of ruining the culture of the state. “She has been complaining about her mother and sister. She should mind her own business,” he had said.

This did not go down well with the athlete, who in a Facebook post on Tuesday threatened to file a defamation suit against him. Later in the evening, Papu apologized to her and instead blamed a person close to him for instigating to make such a statement for negative publicity.

 “I respect Dutee for the person she is and her achievements. She is like a sister to me and I would request her to consider me her elder brother and forgive me,” he said.

With no intention to stretch the issue further, Dutee accepted his apology and said that she had no personal vendetta against him. She even urged Papu to use his stature to help women in distress.

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