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Two Fishermen Missing As Boat Overturns Near Odisha’s Paradip

Paradip: Two of seven fishermen aboard Maa Ramachandi-98, a fishing boat, went missing due to a mishap at Mahanadi confluence at Neherubangala near here.

The boat carrying the seven fishermen overturned on their way back from the sea on Sunday due to oceanic tides near the shore. They had gone into the sea Friday. However, another fishing boat on the trail of Maa Ramachandi-98 rescued five fishermen from the sea.

The Coast Guard and other fishing vessels have launched a search operation to trace the missing persons.

The missing persons hailing from Shandakuda have been named as Damal Kamaraju and Ch Devudu. The rescued fishermen have been identified as Kamal Suribabu, Pyaleti Elegy, K Krishna, K Papa Rao and G tata Rao.