OB Special-Bye Bye 2019


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OB SPecial- Bye Bye 2019

It is rewind time once again. It is the occasion to look back and search for milestones and millstones in the year that is set to disappear into the archives of time. Year 2019, resorting to a cliche for want of an apt option, was a mixed bag for Odisha. It had its highs and lows, and heartwarming moments and heartbreaks. The state fought its battle with the nature and emerged scarred yet triumphant. It witnessed another pitched battle, a political one, with far- reaching consequences. Somewhere along the line sprinter Dutee Chand shook off inhibition and shocked the state by announcing that she was lesbian. In summation, it was a happening year.

It was a happening year for us too. At Odishabytes, we experimented with many interesting ideas and a new design, keeping with our persistent endeavour to offer readers quality experience. For 2020 we make no resolution. We want to take the good work of 2019 forward with greater energy.



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