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[Watch] And Now, Please Eat ‘Kulhad Pizza’

New Delhi: Trust us Indians to give a desi twist to everything we like to suit our palate or need as the case may be. Small wonder that we have desi versions of Chinese food, American fast food etc.

We have a lot of desi versions of the Italian pizza but this one beats it all. A shop in Gujarat’s Surat is serving Pizza in a ‘Kulhad’.

This whacky desi innovation was recorded by a YouTube page called Aamchi Mumbai. Though the video was recorded in March it has gone viral now, garnering over 22 lakh views.

In the 6-minute long video, a shop in Surat is seen selling its new ‘invention’ called ‘Kulhad Pizza’, it is exactly what it sounds. A pizza filling served with loads of melted cheese in a clay cup, which is called ‘Kulhad’.

The video shows the whole process of making the dish. The mixture and vegetables, and sauces used. The kulhad is filled with the mixture topped it up with sauce and liquid cheese. The kulhad is out in a microwave to cook the pizza.

Though, the reactions have been mixed. Some comments said they appreciate the effort others cheekily said ‘Italian grandma will declare war on us’.

This version of pizza has been launched by an outlet in Surat’s located in Adajan area.