3 Indian Curries Among Top 10 In The World; Check Out All Dishes

New Delhi: Indian curries are loved all over the world.

Not only do visitors to this country gorge on the spicy and non-spicy curries, even risking an upset stomach, there are hundreds of restaurants in several European and American cities where Indian curries are a hot favourite.

It is no wonder then that Indian curries will find a place among the best in the world.

Though not among the top 3, Taste Atlas’ list for June 2023 features three Indian delicacies in the top 10.

Shahi Paneer is No. 4, Malai Kofta at No. 5 and Butter Chicken occupies the sixth position. Shahi Paneer and Malai Kofta have got 4.7 rating, while Butter Chicken has been given 4.6.

The top-rated item in the list is Thailand’s Phanaeng Curry – a thick, salty and sweet curry made with a variety of vegetables including dried chilli peppers, galangal, ginger, kaffir lime zest and more. It’s rating is 4.9.

The three Indian curries apart, five Thai dishes and two from Japan complete the top-10 list.


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Phanaeng Curry (Thailand) – 4.9 rating

Khao Soi (Northern Thailand) — 4.8 rating

Kare (Japan) — 4.7 rating

Shahi Paneer (India) — 4.7 rating

Malai Kofta (India) — 4.7 rating

Butter Chicken (India) — 4.6 rating

Green Curry (Thailand) — 4.6 rating

Massaman Curry (Thailand) — 4.6 rating

Kare Raisu (Japan) — 4.5 rating

Thai Curry (Thailand) — 4.5 rating.

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