In this age of information explosion and rapid developments, it’s not easy for those leading their lives on the fast lane to keep track of all relevant happenings across sectors. aims to provide the latest news and current affairs updates from all over the world, with special focus on the eastern Indian state of Odisha, to help you get the News You Need. And the team working round-the-clock for the avowed purpose includes:

Sandeep Mishra
Group Editor

With over two decades of experience as a journalist, Mishra is known for his insightful reports and analyses on subjects like politics, policy, sports, industry, extremism and disaster management. Formerly Editor-in-Chief of Focus Odisha and News World Odisha, he gained popularity for his weekly talk show 'Jawab Sual’. He has also worked with The Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Asian Age and The New Indian Express. He has won several awards and recognitions including the prestigious Edward Murrow Program for Journalists, organised by the US Department of State, in 2011.

Punya Prava Rath

She brings to the table around 20 years of experience in print journalism. Having started as a sports journalist with the Asian Age in New Delhi, she went on to cover theatre, dance, art, culture, fashion and lifestyle extensively while working on the desk with The Times of India, Hindustan Times and The New Indian Express. She ventured into web journalism with Odisha Sun Times as Editor (Features). She has also scripted documentaries, ‘Hope Returns to the Valley’ and ‘Impact of Conflict on Kashmiri Children’ for DD Kashir.

Manoj Mishra
Chief of News Bureau

Arguably among the pioneers of English web journalism in Odisha, Mishra first ventured into the digital platform with Pragativadi in the late nineties. He has worked as News Editor of news portal Odisha Sun Times and Manager of Odisha TV and Odisha Reporter. Mishra started his journalism career with English daily Sun Times in 1990.

Tareq Zahir
Deputy News Editor

He tried C++ after graduation but realised he was more into words. After interning at The Statesman in Kolkata, he began his career in print journalism at the Asian Age in Bhubaneswar, before moving to the Hindustan Times in Kolkata. He dabbled briefly in content development at the Tata Interactive Systems in Mumbai before returning to journalism with the DNA in Mumbai, then moving on to The Times of India in Mumbai and The Telegraph's Bihar edition in Kolkata, being forever wedded to the desk. Evolving further he now wants to take a byte of the online experience.

Samiran Sarangi
Senior Assistant Editor

Samiran Sarangi has had an experience of about 15 years in journalism. He was engaged as a correspondent in Press Trust of India (PTI) in New Delhi for about eight years and in The New Indian Express for six years, both in New Delhi and Bhubaneswar. Towards the beginning of his career, he had also worked for The Statesman. He has spent a greater part of his career reporting on education, Indian railways, civil aviation and proceedings from Parliament. He has covered the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's foreign visits and former President Pranab Mukherjee tours within India. He is also credit to have reported live from the ground following the Mumbai terror attack in November, 2018, helping PTI provide up to date news feed uninterrupted for 72 hours.

Special Correspondent

Prachitara has carved a niche for herself within a few years through her news reports and features on cinema, entertainment, dance, music, theatre, literature, art and culture. She has worked with The New Indian Express in Chennai and Bhubaneswar and Odisha News 360. She is also a noted television and stage anchor. 

Abhisek Mohanty
Principal Correspondent

He came on board with 10 years of experience in both print and online media. He has worked as a correspondent with English daily Orissa Age, bureau chief of English news portal Utkal Samachar and principal correspondent with Odisha Samachar.

Sefali Suman
Senior Correspondent

 She has five years experience in print media and covered a wide range of subjects like art, culture, socio-economic issues and business. Besides The Pioneer, she has contributed to English magazine My City Links and worked as a faculty with Sambad School of Media and Culture.

Sweta Mishra

A B.Com final year student, Sweta has a flair for writing and has worked with Odisha Sun Times. She writes on art and culture, environment, lifestyle and people. She is also a poet.

Suprakash Mishra
Social Media Manager/Writer

A Computer Science engineer and writer/social media marketer for the last six years, he has worked for a couple of IT companies and Planetsaverz, an environment media company. He writes on environment, technology and automobiles, and manages social media channels.

Distinguished Members

Ashok Mohapatra
Editorial Advisor

One of the veterans in Odisha media, Mohapatra has worked with several media organisations during his three-decade-old career as a journalist. He has served as News Editor of the Sun Times and the Sambad and Editor-in-Chief of Naxatra News and MBC News with distinction.

Navraj Bhatia
Consulting Editor

She has spent 29 years in journalism beginning 1986. Her last stint was with the Hindustan Times. She also worked as a reporter with Indian Express and National Herald in Delhi and The Indonesian Observer in Jakarta, Indonesia. She was also a correspondent for Jakarta-based magazine, Tempo (no longer published), in Delhi and covered political events, including fall of the Babri Masjid and siege of Charar-e-Sharif shrine.