54 Indian Fishermen Arrested; Know Why

Sri Lankan Navy has arrested 54 Indian fishermen and seized five trawlers for allegedly poaching in the island nation’s territorial waters.

“Having considered the impact of foreign fishermen poaching in Sri Lankan waters on the local fishing community and the sustainability of fishery resources of Sri Lanka, the Navy is conducting regular patrols to curb illegal fishing activities in Sri Lankan waters,” as per a Sri Lanka Navy statement on Thursday.

Indian fishing vessels were seized at three different points, off the coast of northern and northeastern Sri Lanka.

“The illegal entry of foreign fishermen into Sri Lankan waters and the use of prohibited fishing methods like bottom trawling to catch even very small fish has seriously threatened the marine ecosystem and endanger the livelihood of fishermen in the northern part of the island.”

Sri Lankan Navy had arrested nine Indian fishermen and seized a mechanized boat for allegedly fishing in their waters in January.

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