14 Gates Of Hirakud Open In Odisha As Water Level Rises In Reservoir Amid Heavy Rain

Sambalpur: The authorities of Hirakud dam in Odisha’s Sambalpur opened 12 more sluice gates on Thursday to release excess water from the reservoir. With this, excess water is being drained out through a total of 14 sluice gates of the dam.

While two sluice gates had been opened yesterday evening, the authorities opened eight more gates this morning. Subsequently, four more gates were opened as the water level in the reservoir rose, sources said.

A total of 14 sluice gates of the dam are now open to drain out the excess water accumulated in the reservoir due to heavy rain in upper catchment areas of Mahanadi river. The authorities have opened nine gates on the left and five on the right side of the dam.

The water level of the reservoir at Hirakud stood at 628.69 feet against its water holding capacity of 630 feet. The average inflow of at the reservoir water is around 1,49,167 cusec while the outflow is 2,02,769 cusec, sources said. The outflow of rainwater at the spillway is 1,63,410 cusec and at the power channel it is 35,455 cusec.

Heavy rain has been lashing the upper catchment areas of river Mahanadi under the influence of a low pressure formed over the Bay of Bengal.

If the flow of water into the reservoir increases further, more sluice gates can be opened, if necessary, the sources said, adding that the Hirakud dam authorities are constantly monitoring the situation

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