A Human Finger Inside Ice Cream: ‘Thought It Was A Big Nut’

Mumbai: Imagine enjoying an ice cream in this sweltering heat only to find a human finger inside it!

This is not fiction, it was actually experienced by a Mumbai doctor.

Dr Brendan Ferrao, a resident of Malad, ordered three Yummo ice cream cones online on Wednesday. As he relished his butterscotch cone, he felt something in his mouth that he thought might be a “big nut.”

But it turned out to be a finger with a nail on it.

“As I got to the middle of the ice cream, I suddenly felt a big piece in there. Initially, I thought it was a big nut. Luckily, I didn’t consume it. After looking at it up close, I saw a nail over it,” the 26-year-old MBBS degree holder shared about his shocking experience.

“Since yesterday, I have been feeling numbness over my tongue. I was in conflict with myself about how I could have a human being’s body part in my mouth just like that. When I saw the package, it had been manufactured a month ago. This is the height of medical negligence. I need to get a full blood checkup, as the human finger might have contaminated the ice cream, and in turn me,” he added.

The incident has traumatised the doctor.

“Now, when I think about the ice cream, I feel traumatised.. like I am having PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder),” he said.

A case has been filed against Yummo Ice Cream company after the doctor approached police.

The ice cream sample has been sent for forensic investigation.

“The complainant in the case, a 26-year-old doctor with MBBS degree who stays in Malad West, had ordered a butterscotch ice cream cone of Yummo company. While consuming the ice cream after lunch, he came across a half-an-inch long piece of flesh with a nail in the ice cream,” PTI quoted a senior police officer as saying.

“The piece of flesh, suspected to be a piece of human finger, has been sent for forensic examination to ascertain whether it is a part of the human body,” police said.

Yummo Ice Cream said after the customer’s complaint, the company has escalated the matter.

“We have stopped manufacturing at this third-party facility, isolated the said product at the facility and our warehouses, and are in the process of doing the same at the market level,” a company spokesperson said.

“Product quality and safety being our highest priority we were in process to address the situation, meanwhile the matter was escalated, and an official Police complaint was filed by the customer,” he said, adding that Yummo Ice Cream will cooperate with the authorities in investigating the matter.

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