AAP Dumps INDIA Bloc, To Contest All LS Seats In Punjab

Chandigarh: Opting out of the INDIA bloc, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday announced that the party will contest in all 13 Lok Sabha seats from Punjab and one from Chandigarh.

The Delhi Chief Minister said this while speaking at a public event on the doorstep delivery of ration in Khanna, Punjab. “Two years back, you gave us blessings. You gave 92 out of 117 seats to us in Assembly elections. You created history in Punjab. Lok Sabha elections will be held in two months. In next 10-15 days, AAP will declare its candidates in all of 14 seats for Lok Sabha elections in Punjab and Chandigarh,” he said.

After Mamata Banerjee and Nitish Kumar, the Mallikarjun Kharge-led INDIA bloc has lost yet another alliance member. Congress and AAP had contested the Chandigarh Mayoral elections in January hinting at an alliance for Lok Sabha polls as well.

But putting aside the speculations, Kejriwal even went to the extent of taking a dig at Congress by saying, “Rahul Gandhi’s Nyay Yatra is strange. It is more of ‘bye bye yatra’ than Nyay Yatra. He should have taken out ‘INDI jodo yatra‘ instead.”

Responding to media queries, BJP national spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla said the INDIA bloc is crumbling.

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