AAP’s Big Charge: Conspiracy To Kill Arvind Kejriwal In Jail, Insulin Denied

New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) alleged on Thursday that a conspiracy was being hatched to kill Arvind Kejriwal while he is lodged in Tihar jail.

AAP minister Atishi claimed that despite the Delhi chief minister’s blood sugar level fluctuating over the last several days, Tihar Jail authority was not giving him insulin even after he has asked for it.

“What kind of conspiracy is this that a 30-year-old diabetic patient is being denied insulin? Are they trying to kill Arvind Kejriwal?” Atishi said.

“Arvind Kejriwal is the person whom BJP cannot defeat in elections. Today, a conspiracy is being hatched to kill the same Arvind Kejriwal by putting him in jail,” Atishi said.

She said that Kejriwal, a diabetic, needs 54 units of insulin daily to control his blood sugar. “Arvind Kejriwal has been suffering from diabetes for the last 30 years. To control his sugar, he takes 54 units of insulin daily.”

Atishi said that the court had allowed homemade food for Kejriwal as he is a diabetic patient and needs a particular kind of diet to ensure sugar levels remain normal.

“Today, the Bharatiya Janata Party is trying to aggravate the health of Arvind Kejriwal through its affiliate organisation ED (Enforcement Directorate),” she charged.

Earlier in the day, ED told the court that Kejriwal was consuming mangoes, aloo puri and sweets daily to raise his blood sugar level and make grounds for medical bail.

Atishi responded by saying that ED has repeatedly lied in court.

“ED told the court that Arvind Kejriwal is drinking sweet tea and eating sweets. This is a blatant lie. Arvind Kejriwal is allowed tea and sweets with a sweetener prescribed by his doctor. ED is lying that Arvind Kejriwal is eating bananas to increase his sugar level,” Atishi said.

“I would like to tell ED and BJP that a serious diabetes patient is advised to keep bananas and toffees or chocolates for emergency. Because when someone has serious diabetes, his sugar level can fall suddenly. Sudden fall in sugar level can also be life-threatening,” Atishi said.

Despite repeated requests by Kejriwal, he is not being given insulin and medicines, claimed Atishi, adding that ED and the BJP are spreading lies so that they could stop delivery of homemade food to the Delhi CM.

“Once Arvind Kejriwal’s home food is stopped, no one will know when Arvind Kejriwal is being fed in Tihar Jail and what he is being fed. Is this a conspiracy being hatched to attack Arvind Kejriwal’s life?” she wondered.

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