After Black & White Fungus, First Case Of Yellow Variant Reported In India

New Delhi: Amid the rising cases of black fungus infection, the first case of yellow fungus has been reported in the country.

The patient is currently undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

It is learnt that yellow fungus is dangerous than both the black and white variants. Yellow fungus is a fatal disease because it starts internally and therefore it is important that one seeks medical treatment as soon as noticing the symptoms. DNA reported.


The symptoms of yellow fungus are lethargy, low appetite, or no appetite at all and weight loss.

In serious cases, yellow fungus can also cause leakage of pus and slow healing of all wounds, malnutrition and organ failure and sunken eyes due to eventual necrosis.


Yellow fungus infection is mainly caused by bad hygiene. It is very important to clean out the enclosure around one’s home and keep it as clean as possible. Remove old foods and faecal matter as soon as possible to help prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus.

Also, too much of humidity in the house can promote the growth of bacteria and fungus. The correct humidity level is 30% to 40%. Notably, it is easier to deal with low humidity than having too much moisture.

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