Air Fare Capping Structure For Domestic Flights Released; Minimum Rs 2000 For 40-Minute Flight

New Delhi: The Director-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Thursday announced the minimum and maximum price slabs for domestic flights resuming on May 25. Earlier in the day, it was announced that these cappings were necessary to make flights affordable for people while ensuring financially stability of the airlines.

Category (Time)           Minimum Fare     Maximum Fare

A. Less than 40 mins        Rs 2,000              Rs 6,000

B. 40-60 mins                   Rs 2,500               Rs 7,500

C. 60-90 mins                   Rs 3,000              Rs 9,000

D. 90-120 mins                 Rs 3,500              Rs 10,000

E. 120-150 mins                Rs 4,500               Rs 13,500

F. 150-180 mins                 Rs 5,500               Rs 15,700

G. 180-210 mins                Rs 6,500              Rs 18,600

Also, 40 per cent of all seats on a flight must be sold at a price less “than the midpoint of the band”.

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