Air India Flight Makes Emergency Landing In Karachi; What Was The Emergency?

New Delhi: A Dubai-Amritsar flight had to make an emergency landing at Karachi airport after a passenger had a sudden medical complication.

The Air India Express flight departed from Dubai at 8.51 am (10.21 am IST) and landed in Karachi at 12.30 pm (1 pm IST), reported ANI.

The pilot opted to divert the aircraft to Karachi as it was the closest airport.

“A guest on board our Dubai-Amritsar flight had a sudden medical complication inflight, and the crew opted to divert to Karachi, given that it was the closest location to provide immediate medical assistance,” an Air India Express spokesperson said.

The airline coordinated with the airport and local authorities to ensure immediate medical services for the ailing passenger on landing in Karachi.

The airport doctor at Karachi administered required medication and, after medical assessment, the passenger was allowed to fly by the airport medical team.

Air India expressed its gratitude to authorities at Karachi airport for their help.

“We would like to extend our gratitude to the local authorities at Karachi airport for their immediate response and help,” the spokesperson said.

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