Amitabh Bachchan Feels Need To ‘Stop Or Disappear’; Find Out What’s Bugging Him

Amitabh Bachchan feels it’s time to ‘stop or disappear’.

If that is enough to arouse your curiosity, it has to be made clear at the outset that the Big B is not in the mood to give up acting.

He’s just not comfortable with the fact that the number of comments on his blogs has dwindled substantially – from 1000 to 100. So he feels there’s a need to stop or disappear.

The Bollywood legend has been documenting his thoughts and daily activities in his blog for over a decade. In his latest post, he has talked about the dwindling comments on his posts.

“SO .. many observe that the comments when it all started on DAY 1 for several DAYS were in the 500 to over a thousand at times and now rest at the very best to around a meagre 100 .. and the conclusion then that the interest in the Blog has waned away and there is need to stop or disappear .. or search for another,” wrote Bachchan.

He tried to find a logic in his fans’ thinking.

“It’s the same routine over and over again.. what is so endearing or of interest here which cannot be topped in the T (Twitter) the FB (Facebook) and the INsta.. and the values there are different and greatly more exciting.. the religious aspects on the T and the FB get the numbers .. the young their escapades, clothing and opinions get the millions on the INsta .. so what is this ‘grey’ doing here?” he argued.

Bachchan, though, has no answer to the question. “Except that the connect even with the ONE is the draw that I value .. because that is how it all began .. just the 1 (one) response, which then drew more,” he wrote.

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