Are SRK And Gauri Planning A Life Coach For Aryan Khan?

Mumbai: Aryan Khan stepped out of jail on October 30, but the experience is bound to have scarred his mental health.

A close family friend of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan revealed that they are going all-out to ensure that Aryan gets whatever support is required to overcome the experience he has endured in the jail. That includes getting him a life coach or personal guru and even online counselling sessions with an international mental health expert, India Today reported.

The insider revealed to India Today that the family is considering getting a life coach or personal guru for Aryan Khan, who will mentor and talk him through the process of healing.

Although Shah Rukh Khan can engage the best life coach in the world for his son, there are limitations since Aryan is not permitted to travel abroad. There is a possibility that an international mental health expert, who has expertise in handling young adults, will be considered for the youngster. The family wants to give him the privacy he requires and both SRK and Gauri agree on seeking counsel from a foreign expert on the subject. Aryan’s counselling, until he can travel abroad, will be through an online source on a video call, the report added.

“Aryan has always been a shy kid. Right from an early age, he preferred to stay away from the glaring camera lights that followed his dad. In fact, on many occasions, like Eid or SRK’s birthday, he had to be coaxed into posing with his family for the media. He has been insulated and protected from the outside world and this jail experience has shaken him like it would affect anyone of his age,” the insider further revealed.

The insider further told that Aryan’s interactions in Mannat are only limited to his immediate family members and house helps who know him from his childhood. Even guests who are visiting Mannat to check on Aryan aren’t given an audience with him unless he is willing to meet.


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