Arvind Kejriwal Does Not Require Insulin: Tihar Jail Officials

New Delhi: AAP leaders have alleged that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s health is being deliberately compromised. In fact, his diet and diabetes treatment in Tihar Jail have become a subject of national discussion. Now, Tihar Jail authorities in their report to Delhi LG have said that RML Hospital doctors did not indicate any insulin requirement for Kejriwal.

In the report, accessed by news agency ANI, it has been mentioned that Kejriwal’s blood sugar levels were not alarming and he was advised oral anti-diabetic drugs. The report came as the Aam Aadmi Party claimed that the prison authorities denied insulin to Kejriwal in a conspiracy to kill him. Meanwhile, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) told the court that Kejriwal was indulging in high-sugar food so that he could seek bail on medical grounds if his sugar level spiked.

The report said Kejriwal was on an insulin-reversal programme and stopped taking insulin much before his arrest and was only taking anti-diabetes oral tablet Metformin.

As per the MLC report available from RML Hospital, Kejriwal was neither advised any insulin nor any requirement of any insulin was indicated, the report said. “On 10.04.2024 and 15.04.2024, Kejriwal was reviewed by medicine specialist and advised oral anti-diabetic drugs/ medicines… it is incorrect to state that Kejriwal was denied insulin at any point of time during his treatment,” the report said.

The report said the Tihar Jail administration has written to AIIMS that Kejriwal has been consuming high-sugar items like sweets, bananas, mangoes, fruit chaat, namkeen, sweet tea, poori-aloo and pickles regularly as he was allowed home food.

On charges of indulging in high-sugar food, AAP said sweets that he ate were made of artificial sweeteners allowed to diabetic patients and Kejriwal had poori-aloo only on the occasion of Navratri.  Delhi minister Atishi refuted the report and said Kejriwal took 50 units of insulin even the day before going to jail. “Tihar jail’s report shows BJP’s conspiracy. Any doctor will say that a blood sugar level of 300 is dangerous. An attempt to murder CM Kejriwal in jail is going on at the behest of the BJP. What is the difficulty for the jail administration to administer insulin to CM Kejriwal? He has been taking insulin for the last 12 years,” Atishi said.

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