Ayurvedic Clinical Trial: Almost 87% Test Negative For COVID-19 On Day 5!

New Delhi/Bhubaneswar: As the global community is in the thick of developing a cure for COVID-19, an Ayurvedic clinical trial has shown promising results.

The interim report on a trial being conducted in three hospitals on a combination treatment of ‘Immunofree’ by Corival Life Sciences, and Nutraceutical called ‘Reginmune’ by Biogetica has exhibited that those given natural remedy recovered from most of the symptoms faster than those on conventional medicines.

The trial, approved by Clinical Trials Registry-India (CTRI), is being conducted on moderate COVID-19 positive patients at Lokmanya Hospital Pune, Maharashtra, Government Medical Hospital, Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh and Parul Sevashram Hospital, Vadodara, Gujarat.

The interim report claims that none of the patients who were given natural treatment turned past moderate condition, needed ventilators or had other adverse effects. Half of the patients were given only natural treatment, which was compared to the conventional treatment given to corona patients. It also says that around 86.66 per cent of patients provided with natural treatment showed negative results on day 5, as compared to 60 per cent of patients given conventional treatments. All the patients tested negative on Day 10, it further asserts.

Past clinical trials

Earlier, Pankajakasthuri Herbals India had announced the successful completion of the clinical trials for its hero-mineral tablet, ZingiVir-H, which the company claimed cured 58 patients, who were given the drug, in an average of five days, while the rest 58 who were administered a placebo, took an average eight days to recover.

In June, Dalmia Healthcare had announced that it has started clinical trials to test the efficiency of its polyherbal combination ‘Astha-15’ for the treatment of coronavirus infection.

Indian Ambassador to the US Taranjit Singh Sandhu had informed, in July, that the Ayurvedic researchers and practitioners in India and the US had planned to initiate joint clinical trials for Ayurveda formulations against COVID-19.

What WHO says

BBC had earlier reported that patients with mild symptoms recover from fever within a week, while cough symptoms might continue. As per WHO’s analysis of Chinese data, an average of two weeks is required to recover.

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