Bhubaneswar MP Aparajita Sarangi Alleges Deras Dam Water Obstruction; Initiates Steps To Revive Canal

Bhubaneswar: Senior BJP leader and Bhubaneswar MP Aparajita Sarangi on Thursday alleged that Deras Minor Irrigation Project on the outskirts of Odisha capital has been obstructed by an influential woman with the help of a government official.

The firebrand BJP leader, who visited the site this morning, told reporters that farmers are deprived of irrigation water from the project as the canal has been obstructed in connivance with the state government official. “Farmers in the area are suffering as the government official has hijacked the state administration,” she alleged.

Sarangi said that people from two mouzas of Deras area had approached her around a month ago and informed that the water from Deras minor irrigation project has not been made available to around 300 acres of land for the last two years.

The lawmaker said  that she had visited the area after being informed about the development by the villagers and also examined documents of the Revenue department besides speaking to irrigation officials and engineers. It was found that there existed a canal which had been buried by a mining operator, the Lok Sabha member alleged.

Locals have informed that the encroachment was done by private firm engaged in mining operations in connivance with an official of the ‘third floor’, the Chief Minister’s Office, she claimed.

Stating that she again undertook a visit to the site today for a detailed study, the BJP leader said irrigation officials and engineers were also called. During thorough study and discussion with the officials it was found that over 150 acre land had been encroached and over 400 metre stretch of the canal buried to build a road, Sarangi claimed.

Therefore, digging work was launched with the help of local residents in order to make available irrigation water to the people, she said.

“The digging work will continue till the canal is revived and water made available to the local people,” the BJP leader said, seeking to know as to who allowed encroachment and obstruction of irrigation water in the area.

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