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Bikers Carry Message Against Drugs With the Speed Of Wind

Bhubaneswar: There couldn’t have been a better euphemism against drug abuse than Rang De Basanti. Drawing parallels with the revolutionary spirit of youngsters in the movie, the city’s youth have taken the riding route with an aim to inculcate the same spirit in the drive against drugs.

The Biking Community of India and Thumpers Café, a riders group, have come together to host a nationwide riding event titled Rang De Basanti. Over 6000 riders from 70 cities across the country are taking part in the ride.

Various events to inculcate the feeling of patriotism are being held across the nation as a part of the ride. In Odisha, social organisaitons and biking groups came together to ride from Bhubaneswar to Niali on Sunday.

The village Madhab in Niali is the native place of Manoj Behera, one of the Phulwama attack martyrs. Youngsters gathered at Phulwama Shaheed Smruti Park and planted 40 Shiuli saplings there.

An initiative of Individual Social Responsibility (ISR), the aim is to create responsible citizens. The park was inaugurated by Ila Behera, widow of Manoj Behera.

“The idea behind plantation of Shiuli was that the fragrance of the flowers should not let anyone forget the sacrifice that the military and para military personnel make for us,” said Ansuman Kar, from ISR.

Around 100 bikers from various social backgrounds took part in the event. “I hope this ride will motivate youngsters to stay away from drugs and lead a healthier and better life and make it more worthwhile and respectable by joining defence services,” said Anantha Narayan Kuanr from Bhubaneswar Bikers Club.

A number of women cyclists also took part in the event. “We will always focus on making some positive change through our biking, which has become very popular among women in the state,” said Deeparani Mahakud from We The Road Queens, a riding group.

Along with donning t-shirts printed with the event’s name and slogan, riders were also seen carrying flags and banners to promote this cause.

“It is important that youngsters come together and fight evils of the society,” said Ila Behera.

Debates, deliberations and campaigns against the use of drugs will be held as part of the expedition in schools and other educational institutions. There will also be community engagement with local leaders.