BJP MP Tejasvi Surya Warns Karnataka Govt Of Massive Protest In Bengaluru If Water Crisis Continues

Bengaluru: Amid the looming water crisis in Bengaluru, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Tejasvi Surya has warned the Congress government in Karnataka of protests in front of Vidhana Soudha if it fails to solve the problem in the capital city.

“The government, despite being aware of having to face this situation, failed to take up precautionary measures. As a result of this negligence, today, the people of Bengaluru are facing this tough water crisis,” he said in a statement made on X. “This shows sheer neglect of the decision makers and their irresponsibility towards Bengaluru,” he added.

Surya also met Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) chairman Ram Prasath Manohar and discussed the water crisis in the city.

In a post on X, he gave seven suggestions to the BWSSB for quick redressal of the issue. 

1.   Treated water must be provided for non-potable usage for bulk users like industries & in the construction sector.

2.   Drinking water must be redistributed to places where there is stress.

3.   About 1,300 MLD of available treated water must be diverted towards lakes for recharging aquifers.

4.   Geologists must be consulted on locations where new borewells can be dug up

5.   On a war footing, redrill/flush existing borewells which have witnessed reduced yields in the last few months

6.   Instead of disrupting existing contractual water tanker supply, water distribution must be done by efficiently managing other water tankers.

7.   Cauvery Stage-5 must be completed at the earliest through which water availability at the proposed regions can be addressed.

In the event that these measures are not taken up within one week, @BJP4Karnataka, on behalf of the people of Bengaluru, will lead protests in front of Vidhana Soudha demanding the government to respond to the pressing needs of the people, Surya wrote on X.

It may be mentioned that Bengaluru is at present grappling with a severe water crisis and the state government is exploring different solutions, including recycled and treated water from residents’ associations.

The city is facing a shortfall of over 1,500 MLD (Million Liters Per Day) in its daily water requirement, which ranges between 2,600 MLD to 2,800 MLD.


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