BJP MP’s Son Arrested For Driving Dangerously

Kolkata: BJP MP Roopa Ganguly’s son was arrested for dangerous driving after he rammed his car into a wall of an upscale Kolkata club, police said on Friday.

Media reports suggested that 20-year-old Akash Mukhopadhyay was drunk during the incident late on Thursday night.

Police said several people had a narrow escape when the black sedan slammed into the wall of the Royal Calcutta Golf Club at breakneck speed, NDTV reported.

Akash was arrested on charges of driving dangerously, police said. A medical test is yet to establish whether he was drunk when he crashed his car.

What Happened

According to witnesses, Akash was taking a sharp turn when he crashed into the wall of the club near his home.

Locals claimed many barely ran out of range of the speeding car. The car crashed into the boundary wall, breaking a portion of it, with the driver trapped inside. The wall and the car were badly wrecked, but Akash suffered minor injuries.

He reportedly came out of the car with the help of his father, who had rushed out of their apartment. Later in the night, Akash was reportedly arrested from a friend’s house.

He may face tougher punishment under the new road safety law.

MP Claims ‘Political Rubbish’

In a series of tweets, Roopa Ganguly fumed about “political rubbish” after media reports about the crash and asserted that the law should take its course.

“My son has met with an accident near my residence. I called police to take care of it with all legal implications. No favours/politics please. I love my son and will take care of him, but law should take its own course. Neither do I do wrong, nor do I tolerate it. I am not up for sale,” the BJP parliamentarian said in a tweet tagging Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“How funny, I spoke to him in the afternoon, discussed about his lunch and other basic things at 3 pm. Now I get to hear such stupid comments by the media. He just left this morning by 7.50 flight. What sort of political rubbish is this,” the MP said in another tweet.

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