Boost Immunity With ‘Super Foods’ and Vitamin C During Winter Months

The pandemic is showing no sign of exiting and all of us have accepted COVID-19 to be part of our lives. We therefore need to gear up to put up defences against this deadly virus. It’s time to have an immunity booster diet and fortify the immune system of the body.

Though we cannot be absolutely sure that it will prevent the virus from entering the body, but it will provide a good defence. Discussed below are some ‘super foods’ and fruits with high vitamin C, which helps in building and fortifying the immune system of the body.

Soups: Be it chicken or veg soup, this helps in fighting the cold and flu. Hot soup with chillies or black pepper helps in reducing the swelling in the upper tract of the respiratory system which normally happens when we catch a cold. It also aids in giving relief from nasal congestion.

Garlic: This wonder food has too many vitamins and minerals, and acts as a cold-curing item while nurturing the immune system. The compound allicin present in garlic is a shield for bacteria and viruses. Take it in curry, salad or even as dip sauce, it will help in many ways.

Ginger: Its therapeutic and nutritive property give quite a relief when one catches a cold. The compound it has helps in fighting sore throat and congested nose. Gingerol compound, which is present in ginger, helps in enhancing immunity in the body. Some ayurvedic medicine uses dry ginger extensively due to this compound.

Spinach: A wholesome green packed with fibre helping in bowel movement and has quite a good amount of vitamin C. In short a healthy food.

Mushroom: It has selenium, zinc, vitamin B & D. This helps in fighting the deadly viruses. Have it in any form — this simple food takes care of fighting the viruses and vitalising the immunity system.

Almonds: This tree nut is high in vitamin E and helps in speedier recovery from fever, cold and flu. It also helps in dieting because you feel full till your next meal. Have it in salads, granola or homemade energy bars.

Honey: In raw form, it gives a soothing effect while suffering from flu, cold and sore throat. It has high antibacterial properties which fights the germs in the body. Next time you fall sick, get going with two to three tablespoon of raw honey.

Fennel seeds: The grandma’s quick relief from flu, runny nose, conjunctivitis, diarrhoea, stomach discomfort. It has quite a few compounds which acts as antioxidants and the flavonoids acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Probiotics: The gut has its feelings which are good and bad bacteria, it’s here that the pathogens are thrown away and not allowed into the bloodstream. Probiotics in the diet helps in a healthy gut. The best sources are yogurt, kefir, buttermilk, pickles, sour bread and cured vegetables.

Last but not the least, hydrate yourself with a good amount of water intake; it helps in cleansing up the colon from bad microorganism.

Along with a wholesome diet, make sure you have a good dose of Vitamin C during winter. The fruits which are rich and available during the winter are oranges, guavas, pomegranates, kiwis, grapes and strawberries. Vitamin C prevents the body from free radicals, is good for heart and controls diabetes. It prevents respiratory challenges, a major symptom of COVID 19. Beside this it boosts the overall lung health – reduction of lung fibrosis, and lung cancer risks.

Thus a good wholesome diet and right dose of Vitamin C are good for the immune system and these precautionary measures help in thwarting the pathogens – especially during the winters.

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