Break Free From The Past: Transform Your Future

Are you trapped in the web of the past, endlessly contemplating what could have been?

Do you know someone whose life seems anchored to yesterday, preventing them from embracing the possibilities of today and tomorrow?

If you think this resonates with you, if the weight of history hangs heavy on your heart, please read on.

This story goes back to over eight decades ago.

A Tale of Two Cities

My grandfather Lakshmidhar Garabadu was rooted in Old Town, Bhubaneswar. He owned significant tracts of land in and around that area, including sizeable portions of Forest Park — now Bhubaneswar’s poshest residential locality.

Bhubaneswar was then predominantly a forest.

Cuttack was the capital of Odisha, situated at the separation of Mahanadi and its main branch, the Kathajodi. My father and his brothers preferred to stay in Cuttack as it bustled with action, energy and excitement. Business and commerce flourished here.

In contrast, Bhubaneswar was deserted.

My grandfather gave some of his land to charity. Our family’s focus shifted from Bhubaneswar to Cuttack.

The Old Town in Bhubaneswar still bears our family name in bits and parts, including even a place for cremation. The Garabadu Cremation Ground, where my grandfather, father and uncles were cremated, remains open to the general public.

Though Cuttack was the centre of commerce, cultural and political activities, further expansion was restricted because of its location between Mahanadi and Kathjori rivers.

When Odisha was granted statehood, its first chief minister HK Mahtab considered retaining its capital at Cuttack by modernising the town. He consulted expert town planners who advised that the topography of Cuttack made the task difficult.

Mahtab chose Bhubaneswar as the capital site because of its history, space availability, topography and geographical proximity to Cuttack. And thereon began the development of a new city designed by German architect Otto Königsberger.

From then to now, Bhubaneswar has grown manifold. It is now a flourishing city with spiralling property prices. Cuttack, in contrast, has much to catch up on.

The Burden of Regret

Looking back, this family decision, made over 80 years ago, impacted its long-term fortune.

At that moment, it was the wise thing to do. But over time, that decision went south.

Imagine this for a moment: if you were in the same position — you, your family and the relentless cycle of dwelling on a decision made over eight decades ago.

It’s not uncommon. You might think, “If only we had chosen differently,” or “What if things had gone another way?” It’s natural to get lost in such thoughts.

If our family had continued to remain invested in Bhubaneswar, the story would have been very different.

But that is the past. And it has passed by.

Our story is not unique. Many families harbour similar tales, their heritage woven with longing and regrets.

But is dwelling on the past worth it? Can it change what’s already happened? Let’s uncover the value of letting go and moving forward.

A Forgotten Chapter

Thankfully, in our family, the echoes of this decision have dimmed with time. It’s a forgotten chapter, no longer etched in our conversations.

If your story is similar or thereabout, It’s time for you to do the same – let go of the past that tethers you down.

Otherwise, it would only bring longing and regret. Why spoil your present and future for the sake of the past?

Unlock Your Future

Life has a way of unfolding, whether we like it or not. It’s time to take control and make the most of the opportunities that today offers.

Readers who may have been in a similar situation and who struggle to break away from the shackles of the past must take note. Festering such thoughts serves no purpose.

Shit happens. And that’s life.

Dwelling on past decisions only holds you back. If you live mindfully in the present, you will be better placed to make the most of opportunities.

In life, we can’t predict every twist and turn, but we can choose how we respond. So, make this promise: you’ll let go of the past, embrace the present, and seize the future.

The journey begins now.

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