Bye Bye Google Maps: Ola Cabs Introduces Its Own Application

New Delhi: We have all got used to Google Maps. So much so that it has become a part of our life.

But not everyone wants to be dependent on the web-mapping platform and application of Google.

Ola Cabs will no longer be using Google Maps for its services, and has shifted to its own in-house Ola Maps.

Announcing the decision through a post on X, Ola founder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal said that the company will save Rs 100 crore in the process.

“After Azure exit last month, we’ve now fully exited google maps. We used to spend Rs 100 cr a year but we’ve made that 0 this month by moving completely to our in house Ola maps! Check your Ola app and update if needed 😉 Also, Ola maps API available on @Krutrim cloud! Many more features coming soon – street view, NERFs, indoor images, 3D maps, drone maps etc!” Aggarwal wrote.

Ola’s Google Maps exit followed the company’s decision to stop using Microsoft’s cloud service Azure last month, after seven years. Ola shifted to its in-house cloud storage called Krutrim cloud.

Aggarwal said Ola Maps will introduce several features soon. They include street view, NERFs, indoor images, 3D maps and drone maps, all of which would be available on Krutrim cloud.

Krutrim, now a startup unicorn, was established in December 2023.

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