Controversy: Narsinghanand, Sadhvi Urge Hindus To Give Birth To More Kids

Ghaziabad: Yati Narsinghanand can’t stay away from controversy too long.

The head priest of Ghaziabad’s Dasna Devi Temple, who is out on bail in the Haridwar hate speech case, has now urged Hindus to give birth to more children so that India doesn’t become an Islamic country.

While Narsinghanand said that the country should not become “Hindu-less” in coming decades, Akhil Bhartiya Sant Parishad’s Himachal in-charge Yati Satyadevanand Saraswati claimed that Muslims are increasing their population by giving birth to many children in a planned way.

Both were speaking at the ‘Dharam Sansad’ in Himachal Pradesh’s Una district, reported PTI.

They are not the only ones. Hindutva leader Sadhvi Rithambara urged every Hindu couple to produce four children and dedicate two of them to the nation, adding that India will soon become a ‘Hindu Rashtra.’

She said that those who ‘attacked’ the Hanuman Jayanti procession are jealous of the progress made by the country.

“Those who are trying to divide Hindu society through political terrorism will be razed to dust,” PTI quoted her as saying.

Addressing a Ram Mahotsav programme on Sunday, Sadhvi said Hindu women follow the principle of ‘Hum Do, Hamare Do’ (two children).

Satyadevanand Saraswati was issued a notice by Himachal police who instructed him that no instigating language should be used against any religion or caste.

Saraswati remarked that India will become an Islamic country like neighbouring Pakistan when Muslims are in majority. “That is why, our organization has asked Hindus to give birth to more children to avoid India to become an Islamic nation,” he added.

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