Coordination Committee Meets On Preparation For Rath Yatra In Puri, Ropes For Pulling Chariots Arrive

Puri: The Ratha Yatra Coordination Committee held its first meeting to discuss the preparations for the car festival in Odisha’s Puri on Saturday even as the ropes arrived for pulling the chariots.


The Committee discussed the measures for smooth conduct of the Rath Yatra in the meeting where senior servitor Damodar Mahasuar raised the issue of opening all four gates of Jagannath temple for the convenience of the devotees.

Alleging that the devotees were having a tough time to enter the temple through only one door, Mahasuar said they have to not only stand for long hours in queue but also bribe the police for comfortable entry. Stating that harassment of the devotees for darshan of Lords was not only immoral but also a shame for the famous 12th century shrine, he threatened to launch hunger strike if the demand is not fulfilled.

It may be noted that the demand for opening all four doors of the temple has come from different quarters for some time now. The three doors of the temple were closed to devotees during COVID pandemic to ensure the restriction of social distance.

Meanwhile, 26 pieces of ropes to be used for pulling the three chariots of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra have been received by the office of the temple administration. The ropes, which are made of coconut fibre, have been prepared by 14 skilled artisans by Odisha Cooperative Coir Corporation in one month.

While 14 ropes will be used for pulling the chariots, 12 pieces will be used by the police for outdoor, indoor and general security cordon during the festival. The rope for pulling the chariots has a length of 220 ft and circumference of 8 inch while other ropes are of 4 inch, said chariot supervisor of the temple administration Sudarshan Mekap.

The world famous Rath Yatra in Puri is scheduled to be held on July 7.

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