Corona Notes: I Have Learnt The Value Of Every Tiny Thing I Have At Home

London: This lockdown has been an experience of a lifetime, not only for me but for many others I know.

I was/am one of those fortunate/unfortunate ones who decided to start working from home a week before the formal announcement, unaware of the future! Hence, I have been in lockdown mode since 10th March.

One doesn’t get too many chances to do something for the society in one’s lifetime, so I decided to respect the lockdown totally. Yes, I haven’t stepped out of my own house since 10th March. If I need fresh air, I spend time in my private garden.

All my grocery is being delivered via online shopping at my doorstep.

Honestly, I didn’t realize how these last seven weeks have passed by, and I mean it.

The biggest problem one may have in life is to feel alone, and hence I decided if I fix that, I will be fine. The first thing I planned was my engagement despite my regular household stuff, work engagements etc.

My day starts with a video call with my family, followed by daily rituals and dressing up formally — as I would do on a regular business day — and start my office work.

One new morning ritual that I have added is to thank ‘God’ for the blessed life he has given me, and my near and dear ones. Never did I realize the importance of life as much as I do now.

Most of the work-related meetings are via video calls. The work load has increased five times due to remote work arrangement, which has increased the time it takes for deliverables. But the positive aspect is that the time between 8 am and 6 pm just flies!

In our fast-paced life, we all had become socially detached. Now, most of my friends are in touch and I regularly have a cup of coffee or tea in the evening over video calls almost every day with my friends and family members.


In short, we are more connected now than we were ‘before’!

During weekends, I spend time learning various ‘Do It Yourself’ activities such as gardening, growing own plants, fixing small things at home (which I would normally get an agent to do), painting decks, learning cooking recipes, c, cleaning my house — which provides immense satisfaction.

Last but not the least, the most important thing I have learnt is the value of every tiny thing I have at home. Before, I never cared so much about vegetables, cleaning products. Sometimes I even wasted things and let them expire or get rotten, while at times I used products more than required.

Now I value every drop of it, every piece of it!

(The writer is a European Banking Regulation Manager with UK-based firm)

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