COVID-19: 20-Year-Old Makes Face Shields Using 3D Printers

New Delhi: With a surge in COVID-19 cases across the country, the stores are falling short of masks and sanitisers.


During this crisis, a 20-year old from Delhi is manufacturing face shields at home for the healthcare workers using 3D printers.

The youth, Udit Kakar uses transparent A4 size OHP (overhead protector sheets) and elastic bands to manufacture these masks.

Kakar puts the design file in the computer software to set a code for the printer. The raw material gets heated up to 200 degree Celsius and prints layer by layer to the design that is fed.

One shield takes nearly one to one-and-a-half hour to get printed. Kakar makes nearly 20-25 face shields each day.

These face shields can be used by people working in pharmacies, super markets, police personnel and others.

Kakar, who is pursuing Bachelors in Business Administration, is now getting contracts for the face shields from laboratories and doctors across Delhi.

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