COVID-19 Casualties: Belgium Has Highest Death Rate Of 13.4%, India At 3.3%

At 13.4 per cent, Belgium has the highest death rate for Covid-19 as of now.

Belgium has so far reported 7765 deaths, which amounts to 13.4 per cent of the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in that country, according to analysis by Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Centre.

The Covid-19 mortality rate in India is about 3.3%.

Belgium’s fellow-European nation Italy is very close, with a 13 per cent death rate, while UK is at 12.8 per cent.

Among other major nations, the US – which has bore the biggest brunt of the global pandemic with over 65,500 deaths – has a relatively low death rate of 4.3 per cent because more than 9 million have been affected and many have recovered.

In China, 4 per cent of those infected by the virus have died, while Germany has done very well to keep the rate down to 2.5 per cent.


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