COVID Third Wave To Strike India In October: IIT-Kanpur Study

Kanpur: A study by IIT Kanpur scientists has predicted that after a peak in COVID-19 cases in the first week of May, the number of positive cases will begin decreasing.


The mathematical study conducted in different parts of the country also predicted that India may face the third wave of COVID-19 infections in October. However, the impact of this third wave cannot be predicted.

The IIT Kanpur scientists led by Professor Maninder Agarwal further claimed that the COVID-19 situation in Maharashtra has already peaked and will begin to see a decline in cases while Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat and West Bengal are currently at peak and will start receding soon, DNA reported.

The study also said that at their respective peaks, Uttar Pradesh may report up to 35,000 daily cases, Delhi may see up to 30,000 daily cases, 11,000 in West Bengal, 10,000 in Rajasthan and 9,000 per day in Bihar.

Asked if events like the Kumbh Mela or election rallies were responsible for the rapid spread of the virus, Agarwal rejected this. He argued that the spike in cases was seen mostly in Maharashtra and Delhi, but both these places had no rallies and no Kumbh.

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