Crack In ‘Gumuta’ Of Puri Jagannath Temple’s North Gate Widens

Puri: The crack in lower part of ‘Gumuta’ (entrance arch) at north gate of Jagannath temple in Odisha’s Puri town has further widened sparking fear of falling off the main structure.

According to sources, a minor crack had developed in the lotus petal sculpture of the Gumuta some time back. After two stones fell off the entrance arch, it has further widened.

A hole has also been created behind the Gumuta. It is apprehended that unless urgent remedial steps are taken, the entire sculpture will come off the arch.

The conservation officer of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) Jyoti Pradhan told the media that some parts of this corner of the temple was buried under soil. After the ground soil was dug out during construction works of Parikrama Prakalpa (heritage project) around the temple, the structure might have loosened leading to the crack.

However, Pradhan said the repair work in north gate is going on at present. The crack in the Gumuta will also be checked and repair work undertaken, if necessary.

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