Demand For ‘Global Sun Temple’ Gains Momentum In Odisha; Govt Support Sought

Bhubaneswar: Demand for a ‘Global Sun Temple’, similar to the 13th century Konark Sun temple in Odisha, is now gaining momemtum.

A meeting was jointly held by the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) and the Kalinga Heritage Preservation Trust (KHPT) at Bhubaneswar on the proposal for making of a Global Sun Temple in Odisha.

Speaking on the occasion, Convenor of INTACH Odisha Amiya Bhushan Tripathy said both the organisations have had several meetings and seminars on the subject of Konark and its conservation in the last decade. Being the only UNESCO world heritage site in Odisha, Konark is tottering on the brink of becoming a glorious ruin. Due to the ravages of time and nature, and because of inadequate measures for conservation, Konark may be reduced to a mound of shapeless stones in the near future, he said.

Chairman and Founder of KHPT Anil De said Konark is great not only for its beautiful stone sculptures; it has a lot of intangible heritage presented in the stone art. The intangible heritage deserves to be preserved in a new form as they are important for the contemporary society.

In a research spanning over a decade, KHPT has designed a Global Sun Temple in the architectural, spiritual and social essence of the fallen Konark. It has been designed as a modern temple for the contemporary world, without being a carbon copy of the existing temple. It will showcase the art and architecture of Odishan temples and its iconography. This secular temple of the Sun God will also attract tourists and visitors from far and wise due to its novel concept and presentation. The project cost is envisaged to be around Rs 400 crore, a press release said.

A memorandum, signed by 40 members of both the organisations, is being sent to the Chief Minister of Odisha for necessary support. The members said it would be nigh impossible to undertake such a grand and herculean project without the support of the government of Odisha.

The members have expressed that the Ram Mandir at Ajodhya was successfully completed as it was a matter of national pride, the Sun Temple will be a structure of a global pride.

Others present at the meeting were Sanjib Hota, Anil Dhir, Narendra Mishra, Kulamoni Deo, Manoranjan Mohanty, Debi Prasanna Pattnaik and Nihar Hota.

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