Do You Want To Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages? Follow These Steps

New Delhi: How many times have you said, “Oh! Damn! I have deleted that WhatsApp message!” or exclaimed, “My God! I sent this message to the wrong person, now what do I do?”

Here’s good news. Your deleted WhatsApp messages can be restored. Google Play Store offers third party apps that give you access to Wi-Fi passwords, file converters, image editor, video editor, the recovery of deleted messages on WhatsApp. However, you have to be extra cautious while downloading these apps as they require permissions to access your files, photos, contacts, etc, or they won’t work properly.

WhatsApp also has a feature that allows retracting messages which are sent unintentionally or by mistake.  You can even delete the read messages and keep those you like.

In case you need to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp. The third-party apps available for Android phones allow you to do so but at your own risk as it could lead to data theft or any other cybercrime. This feature is not available for those who use iPhone or those on iOS ecosystem.

Here’s how you can recover and read deleted WhatsApp messages:

Download the app WAMR from Google Play Store. Read and accept the disclaimer and click on the Next arrow. Then select the apps you want to monitor. You can also select any other messaging apps if you want to monitor them.

Read all the information and keep swiping till you reach the Setup screen. Upon getting the setup screen, tap on enable next to Notification Reader. You will now be redirected to your phone’s Settings app to grant notification access.

From Settings, find WAMR and tap on it. Allow notification access and tap on Allow again. After granting access to the application, go back to the WAMR app and tap on the Next arrow. Now, you will be able to store your WhatsApp notification history. And If someone deletes a message they sent you over WhatsApp, WAMR will notify you, and you can read the message by tapping on the notification.

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