Doctor Removes 20 Live Worms From Eyelid Of 60-Year-Old Man


New Delhi: In a bizarre incident, a doctor removed 20 live worms from the eyelid of a man.

According to a report in India Today, the 60-year-old Chinese man experienced a weird sensation in his eyes a couple of months back, but ignored it thinking his eyes needed rest.

Before long, he started experiencing pain in his eyes and was rushed to Suzhou Municipal Hospital for a checkup.

During the medical examination, doctors found a cluster of live worms under the man’s right eyelid.

Following medical tests, a doctor removed nearly 20 live roundworms, called nematodes, from the eyelid of the Chinese man.

Reportedly, these nematodes are generally found in the conjunctival sac and tear ducts of dogs, cats and other animals.

The man denied having any pets at home, but doctors suggested that he must have come in contact with animals during outdoor activities.

Doctors warned pet owners to be careful of these parasites as they can be transferred to humans. People experiencing blurred vision or discomfort should seek medical aid immediately, suggested the doctors.

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