Don’t Write ‘Paytm’ On Twitter; Scammers Are Waiting To Steal Your Money

New Delhi: Fake Paytm Customer Care accounts have flooded Twitter with the sole intention of phishing personal details to steal money. It has been found that the moment someone tweets anything with the word ‘Paytm’ in it, several automated fake bots respond posing as Paytm customer care executives.

In case of failed transactions and other UPI-related issues, people usually take to Twitter to connect with the official Paytm support handle. Most Paytm users share screenshots while complaining about an issue on Twitter. These screenshots sometimes contain personal information like the mobile number or UPI ID. Scammers are quick to harvest such personal information and the lose no time in calling users directly, pretending to provide help.

In most cases, these scammers try to steal money from Paytm users by claiming to offer a refund. Instead of actually refunding money they use the request money feature on UPI to steal money. Sometimes, scammers tell victims to download screen-sharing apps to ultimately steal login details, banking information, passwords and UPI pins.

The official Paytm Care Twitter handle cannot be differentiated from the scores of fake accounts with similar names after Elon Musk took away verified Blue ticks from old Twitter accounts. And scammers are trying to make a quick buck using this confusion to their advantage.

Here’s how you should be careful

  • Be careful when you tweet about Paytm as whatever you write with the word Paytm in it, will attract the attention of scammers instantly.
  • Never share any personal information over Twitter or over a call.
  • India has been inundated with scam calls recently and the safest way out is to avoid receiving calls from unknown numbers.

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