Drink, My Friend

Drink, my friend, drink.
A sip, after a sip, after a sip
Whiff the aroma, savour the sting.

Drink to the swing of the seas
To the calypso of the hills
To the flurries of scarlet ibis on willow shrubs
To the grace of the rosy flamingo.

Drink to the departed plantation fields
To the sky scalping cocoanut trees
To the cling and clang of the chains of bondage.

Drink to the gulf, the island, the tired ship
From the motherland to the sugar land
Drink to the voyage of the dream.

As the day breaks, drink.
To the splendour of being and breathing
To pain, agony and enduring
To crumpled hopes and wrinkled dreams.

Drink, my friend,
Drink to the last drink.

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