Fact Check: Have Parley-G Biscuits Gone Dark?

New Delhi: Parle-G has long been a popular tea-time snack for Indians.

Has it now turned black?

That’s what viral memes are suggesting. The maker of the 85-year-old best-selling biscuit has been silent thus far.

Amid the Ambani pre-wedding bash in Jamnagar, social media was flooded with ‘Dark Parle-G’ memes, with netizens gushing over the picture of the Parle-G girl on the ‘new’ viral packet of biscuits.

The viral image showed a packet of Parle-G labelled ‘Dark,’ and its age-old yellow backdrop replaced by a dark hue colour. Along with the packet were biscuits in the same chocolatey shade. Posts with #parleG were all over the social media platform.

“When Parle G travels to KGF and returns from that trip,” wrote a netizen.

Another warned, “This one is made only to dip with Black Rea… Never ever eat it with Nomal Tea.”

One user commented: “When you’re neither fair, nor lovely.”

“When Chai broke up with ParleG, ParleG became Dark,” quipped a user, while another posted, “Dadi sahi kehti thi chai peene se kaale ho jate hai.”

Some wanted a clarification, asking @ParleFamily whether they have launched Dark Parle G or it’s just photoshopped.

There is some speculation that the picture could be generated by artificial intelligence (AI).

The real story is still awaited from the biscuit maker.

Manufactured by Parle Products in India, until the 1980s, Parle-G was known as ‘Parle Gluco’ Biscuits. The ‘G’ in Parle-G originally stood for ‘Glucose’. Later, the company changed its brand slogan to ‘G’ for Genius.

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