Fact Check: When 3 Blue Ticks Turn Red; Is Govt Monitoring WhatsApp Chats?

Bhubaneswar: A new message, doing the round on social media, on new WhatsApp guideline issued by the government to monitor chats and take action against people has created a flutter among the users.

According to the message, WhatsApp will have new updates to the Text Delivery ‘Tick’ feature. While 3 Blue ticks would indicate that the government has taken note of a message sent, all ‘three ticks’ turning red would mean that the government has initiated action and you will receive summons from the court.

A fact check of the message done by the Press Information Bureau (PIB) Fact Check, however, found the message to be untrue.

It further clarified that no such guideline has been released. “A message circulating on social media claims the Government of India has released a new #WhatsApp guideline to monitor chats and take action against people #PIBFactCheck : This message is #FAKE; The Government has released no such guideline,” PIB tweeted.

At present, WhatsApp shows a single tick for a message sent, a double tick for a message delivered and a Blue double tick for a message read.

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