Find Out How Google Assistant Workday Routine Eases Your WFH Experience

Bhubaneswar: Google has introduced a new workday routine that makes Google Assistant help the user stretch, walk and drink water as she/he works from home.

This automatically reminds the user of all small and big things to do throughout one’s workday — from staying on top of the calendar to taking a break from the desk.

“For example, Google Assistant might suggest going for a walk at 2 pm, and then to grab a glass of water at 3 pm. At 4.45 pm, you’ll be reminded to start wrapping things up. Assistant will also regularly share the time with you throughout the day so that you don’t lose track of upcoming meetings,” Product Manager at Google Alice Liangas was quoted as saying by News18.

One will be easily able to pull the to-do list at any time or get a notification for upcoming reminders from any Assistant-enabled device.

To ensure productivity, enough self-care in between is important. Simply say ‘Hey Google, silence my phone’ to turn on Do Not Disturb.

One can also use that command for any specific Assistant-enabled devices, like Google Nest speakers or displays.

Google is likely to roll out the ‘Gentle Sleep and Wake’ feature in all smart lights at home over the next few days. In the evening, one will just have to say ‘Hey Google, sleep my lights at 10 pm’ as a reminder to get to bed on time, and let the soothing experience lull you to sleep.

Similarly, one will have to say ‘Hey Google, wake my lights at 8 am’.

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