Google Doodle Honours Frontline Warriors In Fight Against COVID-19

Bhubaneswar: From working for inhumane hours to bearing salary crunch and skipping of meals, these workers have been on the frontline and Google could not stay back from appreciating them through its signature doodle.

The search engine’s homepage on Monday reminds users of the coronavirus helpers’ fight against the crisis and urges all to stay at home in honour of their tireless unconditional work.

The doodle features the double ‘o’ in its name as a funky caricature of all the frontline warriors with red hearts floating above them. The basic theme of the doodle has been that the letter ‘G’ (from Google) sends hearts and appreciation to the letter ‘e’ at the end dressed as a coronavirus helper.

Though the doodle was initially shared by Google in April this year, another appreciation and reminder were needed given the alarming increase in COVID-19 cases and extension of the pandemic with no vaccine in sight.

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