Google Goofs Up: Anushka Married To Afghan Cricketer Rashid Khan! Know How

Google is as much a routine in our lives as brushing our teeth is. But the search engine can, at times, throw up funny (mis)information!

Like, for instance, when it suggests actor Anushka Sharma is married to Afghanistan cricket star Rashid Khan!

When one searches ‘Rashid Khan wife’ on Google, the result shows up as Anushka Sharma. It’s weird, but there could be a reason why Google gets confused.

Rashid recently named named Anushka and Preity Zinta as her favourite favourite Bollywood actresses in an interview.

The search engine may have been swayed by several reports that were published earlier this year following that interview. When a lot of websites and pages put their names in conjunction, it may have confused the algorithm with the startling result.

The reality is, Anushka is married to Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli, and they are expecting their first child early next year.

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