Google Search Disrupted By Global Outage As Users Face 502 Error

New Delhi: Google suffered a widespread outage around the world on Wednesday as users in several countries could not access its search engine, according to multiple media reports.

According to Downdetector, a platform that aggregates outage data from various sources, a number of Google services experienced disruptions.

Around 1,400 users faced issues with Google Search in the USA, and over 300 users had similar problems in the UK.

Among the American cities impacted were New York, Denver, Colorado and Seattle.

In India, a small number of users seemed to be affected, with 78 reports — mainly from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru — coming in, according to DownDetector.

Any problem with Google search is bound to be noticed and amplified as it’s used universally.

Services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps and Google Talk appeared to be functioning normally.

As it happens post such outages, social media was media was abuzz as users took to platforms like X to share their experiences.

“Google down,” wrote an X user with an image of an error page that appeared when attempting to use the search engine. The error message read, “502. That’s an error. The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request. Please try again in 30 seconds. That’s all we know.”

Another user wrote: “Google is DOWN! World’s biggest search engine hit by outage😱😱.”

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