GPS-Based Toll Collection Likely Soon, Pay For The Distance Travelled

New Delhi: FASTag was quite a revolution in India when it started. Now, it might give way to a new technology for toll revenue collection called GPS satellite technology.

The central government intends to levy toll taxes using GPS satellite technology. A pilot project to test the new method is underway in India according to reports.

Under the new system, a person will pay a toll based on the distance they traverse on a highway or expressway. Earlier in March, Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways had stated in the Lok Sabha, that the government would eliminate toll plaza booths nationwide within a year.

He had also stated that toll booths would be replaced entirely with a GPS-based toll collection system. He added that tolls would be collected via GPS imaging on moving vehicles.

At present, the toll is collected for the entire distance from one toll plaza to another. Even if a vehicle isn’t travelling the entire distance but finishing its journey in a different location, the toll must be paid in full.


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